So you want to learn Old English…

Studying Old English can sometimes feel like you’re studying a foreign language – and you are! The only problem is, there aren’t any more native speakers to correct you. Linguists and historians have done their share to bring students what they think is the most accurate pronunciation guides, but there are often discrepancies in pronunciation and inflection, making it difficult for students to know where to start. Curious about which text is right for you? Check out our Book Reviews section to find your best fit.

But what do you do when different texts tell you different rules? Go to our Pronunciation Guide to learn every possible way to say all the letters of the Anglo-Saxon alphabet (including some you didn’t know before!) Our Audio section will give you some live examples of Old English readings from speakers around the globe, as well as highlight some of the more sensitive pronunciations. Be sure to watch original readings in our Videos section too!


We hope this guide can help illuminate some of the difficulties and intricacies of Old English, without scaring you off completely.


Wel weon, ic wel leornian!

Be well, and learn well!



Anglo-Saxon Penny