While learning Old English can be daunting for students, teaching it can also be a challenge. Whether you are looking to teach a class or just yourself, this list of web and print resources is a good place to start.



From Old English to Standard English

Dennis Freborn

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This book gives a broad historical background from the beginning of Anglo-Saxon English to modern day, and is accompanied online by the publisher. They have multiple audio downloads, as well as texts that you can use in congruence with the physical book.  It also includes a Word Book, which contains a list of every word in the texts they provide, a handy glossary which isn’t often found in online sources. If you are unable to obtain the physical copy, the online source is almost as good.


A Biography of the English Language

C.M. Millward, Mary Hayes

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This was the original text used by my professor, Dr. Paul Fallon, in the class that inspired this website. It was clear and informative, with a workbook that we used daily. I found the author’s take on linguistics to be fresh and often funny – which was helpful during those long study sessions. Students are engaged with not only the tone, but also by the actual work itself. Doing exercises is truly the best way to learn a language! I highly recommend this text for any teacher of not only the history of English, but also the history of linguistics.